Form and matter, the first moments of the creation of the artwork, an imagination that formed in the mind of the creator, and now the steps of it’s birth begins from none. The artwork, experience the first moments of its formation by conceiving the pattern and the unity of wood texture. And in order for an eternal to be created, accuracy, elegance, patience and endless enthusiasm will be indisputable.

Stroking of the pattern in texture, the consonant interaction between inhale and exhale to establish the connection between mind and hands, intent on conducting it in the steps of an incisive penetrative, with a steady and coherent movement and the awareness through which behavior of the phenomena can be felt at any moment.

A continuous balance and beyond, and a motion with the extent of time to understand the faults, Aye! the passes are really seen.

The more the creators understanding of the collection of perceptions (lines, arches and angles) develops, his action in the broad manner to create a powerful and wondrous path will be constant in the essence of an endless proficiency.

In the last eternity, whatever it was there is, to pass from within to a shining outside and stand on the heights of an eternal.