Each phenomenon on its process of creation crosses a path which is impressed by the reflection of thoughtful minds. Minds of people who ahead of their contemporaries are trying to pave the path to conquer the future. And through this endeavor, they unveil new horizons to mankind. They strive to promote the human sight towards confronting any phenomenon to transcend the work that is created by a deep thought.

Therefore, in order to achieve a sublime work, we need to expand our thought and sight toward the universe through the window of science and art. And through this we will be the successors of the path of thinkers who have been pioneers of a path to science.

In Reza Ziaei workshop, according to all steps in various fields of the art of creating violins, related and required sciences in the fields of: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Aesthetics, etc. have been gathered to be studied in the training steps. So, after that the artist can create a work which the trace of his knowledge of science and art will be eternal in it. At this moment, the uniqueness of his works will be the representative of his thought.