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The following topics are presented in the training program of RZW by Master Luthier Reza Ziaei. A complete list of titles, including ones that are presented to other students as well, is provided Here...


Analysis of different shapes against the upcoming forces

Each geometrical shape can show its own reaction or assistance. By mean of conducting or observing some simple experiments we can understand the outcomes more profoundly.

An introduction to the use of engineering tools to better understand the drawing geometry and its impact on the art of violin creation

In the face of principles, it is better to use any special and appropriate tools and facilities to do the desired thing, in order to achieve the desired result. This article discusses the application of engineering software and its role in the art of violin creation.

Alignment of bridge pattern and annual rings of wood

Aligning the pattern with the texture is one of the most important steps in building a bridge. The points that are related to this topic are very important and play a role. This article examines tips in this area.

Application of software in examining the bridge patterns

Undoubtedly, engineering software is a reliable way to examine all patterns in any field. And bridge patterns are no exception. The facilities available in each of them can provide valuable information.

Application of software in the process of bridge creation

The use of engineering software at any stage of construction can be effective, and expands the constructive look and qualitative superiority of the work. This article deals with the use of software in the construction of bridges.


Bridge function in acoustic physics point of view

A bridge as a mediator transferring vibrations from wires to the box needs to be known profoundly through acoustic physics to achieve the understanding of its microscopic function.

Bridge selection criteria

The selection factors of the bridge should be based on the characteristics of the violin, in order to achieve maximum compatibility and coordination to achieve the best result. What are these characteristics?


Causes of inefficiency in strings after its placement on the bridge or tuning

Unprincipled stretching of the wire while utilizing, as well as its twisting during tuning and lack of proper awareness in the face and use of the wire, etc., are things that will reduce the useful life of the wire or the necessary inefficiency in the wire. This article will explain more about this.

Checking the annual rings on fingerboard

The performance of each structure is measured according to its structure and how the sections relate to one another. This article examines the annual lines on the fingerboard.

Checking the sector of fingerboard

How the curve is created on the surface of the fingerboard, which is visible from the cross section, is very important. Since it determines the location of the wires relative to each other on the fingerboard and then on the crown of the bridge. Therefore, how it is made will have a direct impact on the musician while playing. This article tries to explore this curvature further.

Choosing a timber

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing timber. This article points out some things to look for when selecting right choice.

Choosing patterns and dimensions of the bridge according to the violin

It is the structural features of each violin including violin patterns, its arches plates, texture, handle’s pattern, fingerboards feature, structural features and the musical instrument condition. It can be said that it is preferable to consider a unique bridge based on its exclusive design and dimensions of corresponding violin.

Correction of cutting errors in the side outline of bridge

This article provides solutions to correct the error caused when cutting in the lateral areas of the bridge.

Correcting fingerboard arch by the bridge

There may be some reasons why fingerboard arch is not precisely measured. Having low level or fingerboard tendency towards the Cell wire can be the reason. By means of having arch(bend) in bridge climax zone, it is possible to eradicate the fingerboard fault (not 100%). This correction is done by freezing the arch in the ME wire side and turning it in a certain amount.

Creativity in the face of the violin

As a dynamic work, the violin requires a creative and inquisitive mind to be able to choose a more accurate process in the face of different challenges. In this regard, creativity allows the artist to be present in different areas, provide the conditions for receiving more awareness, and as a result, understand the nature of creating multiple questions and seek an efficient explanation. Opening pristine arenas or creating a new work all requires creativity.

Cutting the knee parts of bridge

This article addresses the points and nuances that should be considered in connection with the cutting of bridge elbows and the important points are described in detail.

Cutting the outline of bridge

This article addresses the points and nuances that should be considered in connection with the cutting of the perimeter lines of the bridge, and the important points are described in detail.

Cutting the heart of bridge

This article addresses the points and nuances associated with cutting the heart area of the bridge, and the important points are described in detail.

Cutting the feet of bridge

This article addresses the points and subtleties that exist in connection with cutting the bases of the bridge, and the important points are described in detail.


Detection of behavioral disorders and their treatments

There are shortcomings in the intellectual and behavioral structure of every human being that are rooted in education and are influenced by various environmental factors. These deficiencies cause abnormal behaviors in the person. Diagnosis and treatment of these disorders should be done by an informed person. This article examines the steps involved.

Determining the arch of bridge crest according to the arch of fingerboard

The violin is composed of a regular structure in such a way that each component is connected and interacts with other components. Therefore, the existence of a defect in one part can cause the spread and error in other parts or follow the proven rules to improve the quality level in the instrument. One of these components is the creation of the bridge, which in one of its interactions with the fingerboard can figure out how to be part of its structure. Accordingly, in this article, we examine the structure and determine the arch of bridge crest.

Determining the quality of wood used to create the bridge

Opting wood based on its features and characteristics is something that the creator of the work faces before attempting to create the work and must classify the quality of his ingots and bridges based on them. This article identifies the properties of wood to know more about it and determine the quality of the wood used.


Existence of cracks on the surface of wood ingots

Sometimes after preparing the ingot, we see small cracks on its surface. These cracks can penetrate superficially or deep into the wood. What is the reason for this crack? And what decision can be made about it?


Forming the curved front surface (shield) of bridge

This article describes the steps to forming the curved front surface (shield) of bridge.


How to cut the atria parts of the bridge

This article addresses the points and subtleties that exist in connection with the cutting of the atria parts of the bridge and the important points are described in detail.


Internal disputes of perfectionist man

The perfectionist man, in the process of achieving his desired perfection, faces many internal conflicts regarding his abilities. He ultimately needs justice to achieve inner peace so that he can find his way forward.

Investigating the role of violin bridge elements

It is necessary to figure out the function of elements especially when illustrating the design as well as constructing bridge in violins. We could make sound with unique qualities while considering the function of elements.

Investigation of mechanical forces on the bridge and ways to deal with it, to achieve equilibrium (estimation of forces equal to zero)

Among the forces acting on the bridge, we can mention the force of the wires and the force of the plate that is applied to the bases. Also the tensile force of the wires that bends the bridge forward. (When tuning wires) - Placing the bridge at the right angle and taking care of it so that it does not lose its position in terms of static angle, is a very important issue that should be considered in this regard.

Improvement of sound disorders due to limited errors in the structure of the violin by the bridge factor

Violins have different structural qualities. Sometimes it is not possible to solve the structural problems of the violin. Therefore, part of the internal and structural problems of the violin are improved by using its external facilities (accessories). Bridge is one of the influential factors that can be compensated for some of the instrument's shortcomings by considering its suitable features.


Knowing bridges from the perspective of physics and mechanics

Physics is a science which is able to explain behaviors of a phenomenon. Therefore; it is possible to investigate the bridge function and receive more understanding in this field by means of physics. Mechanic is also a branch of physics. Mechanical science can be effective in recognizing and receiving more answers from questions relating to bridge.


Measuring the balance of the feet of bridge

Examining each section according to the different situations that make it possible to form that section. This allows the artist to examine the problems with a broader view and then seek to find the appropriate one. This article examines bridge foundations in a variety of situations.

Methods to prevent tension on the plate when emptying the load inside the violin plate

Each stage of creating a violin has important points and considerations that neglecting or not observing it can cause irreparable damage to the instrument over time. This article discusses methods to prevent tension on the plate when emptying its internal load.

Methods of separating desirable wood textures from pieces of wood to build bridges

The most important step in building a bridge is selecting and how to separate the desired textures from the timber. This article examines this issue.


Parameters deserving attention while designing bridges

What parameters are considered while designing? distance between the elements, the presence of vital element, important consideration about physics, mechanic, geometry as well as standardized dimensions like transversal (lateral) dimensions, bridge height on the side of wires.

Parenchyma and rays

Understanding the structure of wood depends on identifying its tissues microscopically and macroscopically from different angles. This article examines the parenchyma and wood rays.

Preparing a three-dimensional layout of the process of bridge creation using software

For a better understanding and stronger visualization of the steps of creating the bridge, the mentioned steps are explained separately and the work steps are made three-dimensional using the software.


What is beauty? In fact, it is the understanding of the concept of proportion that enables the artist to create a beautiful work. This article further describes this concept.


Splitting bridge's wood using ax-method

The first step after choosing wood to build the bridge is using ax-method then dividing it into the desired dimensions. This article explains splitting bridge's wood using ax-method.

Study of effects of geometrical transformation on bridge element in violins

Initially, the systematical function of elements is explained. then the bridge is introduced as a system. Each of its section is recognized as an element. They are all crucially influential in the function of the system. Finally, it is explained how growing as well as declining of elements influencers on the quality of perceptual vibrations and out coming sound.

Survival of forces in trees

Trees are amazing creatures that have mysteriously survived over the years and in a variety of climatic conditions. Even after the trees are cut down, life force is flowing in their bodies and impresses the artist's work. Awareness of these secrets enables the artist to have a different view of his environment in order to immortalize his work in the form of science.



Man needs to be thankful. The concept of gratitude as well as thankfulness should be understood. In fact, gratitude is the result of a maturity that accelerates life movement. Once the true meaning of thankfulness is understood, its effects on life will become apparent.

The alignment of the bridge pattern on textures of wood which are open and gradually compressed

The way wood textures are placed in the bridge is a very important point that should be considered when setting the design on the relevant ingot. This point has different effects that can be used to predict the outcome and choose the path. This article describes one of the types of textures.

The creation of a fingerboard

This article describes the steps involved in creating a fingerboard.

The effects of understanding geometry and mathematic on manufacturing each part of violin

Geometry is the knowledge of knowing shapes. Knowing this knowledge along with mathematics can expand and transform the constructive view of design and form. And it can help him look at each section and understand why designs and forms. To understand the violin that is all about form, understanding geometry and geometric shapes as one of the influential factors is inevitable.

The effects of various violin bridge patterns on voice quality

The study of some variables relating to the (bridge) as well as element replacement transformation in its structure style and set up.

The effect of wanting on learning

In the process of learning, the whole human being becomes the ear and the eye. The great misunderstanding is to think that everything is given to man and that he himself has no role in obtaining it. It is necessary to strive in the path of learning with a firm faithful heart and not to stop moving. The more effort and faith there is, the greater the rewards. And whatever is obtained is the result of a real will.

The study of bridge designs during historical periods and its corresponding changes

Research on the history of designs in the Renaissance - Baroque - Classical period Understanding the builders of bridges in different historical periods and the bridges left from the famous instruments of the builders and its changes.


Ways to Increase Bridge Lifespan

Choosing wood and texture, choosing a design, taking care of the musician and preventing it from bending over time, etc.

Wood structure

Wood is made up of different components and parts, each of which plays a role during the life of the tree. Knowledge of the different parts of wood and its constituent structure is an important knowledge that has a great impact on the Creator's encounter with the material.

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